This business is registered as an Australian business under the legal name of PM Leather, ABN: 92 748 311 918. PM Leather, pmleather.com, "this site/website" are names the PM Leather business will be referred to throughout this document, policy, and website. A third party apparel provider is mentioned and referred to throughout this document as Tee Public, or teepublic.com, where applicable.

​We encourage you to read through this document, (Terms & Conditions of Sale & Service), and through our Privacy Policy before entering into a contract for sale and supply of goods from pmlether.com. All contracts for sale and supply of goods from PM Leather are finalized once your order has been shipped. By using this website referred to as pmleather.com, you agree to all terms and conditions of sale and service, of this site. By using this website, you agree that you are of legal consenting age to hold an account with our third-party payment processing partners PayPal, Stripe, and Laybuy. We deem elements of pmleather.com to be NSFW, or educational institutions, and encourage due diligence when browsing the site. PM Leather is not responsible for any ramifications to any party browsing pmleather.com.


To ensure your PM Leather experience is positive and efficient, we encourage you to follow and confirm all selection and sizing guidelines before placing your order. We are available to answer any questions you might have regarding your intended purchase to help you make the best purchase decision for you.


It’s important that you follow the instructions titled “Getting the Right Fit” before placing your order. PM Leather has a flexible Exchange & Refund policy that you should familiarize yourself with before placing any orders. Please follow the link to get informed (Exchange & Refund Policy).


PM Leather offers a flexible payment option, for all products listed on the PM Leather website, through Laybuy Australia Pty Ltd ABN 640 349 971 082. This payment form is currently open to all customers, pending Laybuy approval, in Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. Click here Laybuy's Consumer Terms & Conditions. Any custom made goods not currently listed on pmleather.com are unable to be paid for using Laybuy.  

​​Depending on the queue, we work very hard to ensure all orders are fulfilled and shipped within 7 business days of being placed. This may vary depending on peak trade periods throughout the year such as Christmas. In the event we encounter any issues with your order, we will make reasonable efforts to contact you via any means of contact you have provided us with, in accordance with our Privacy Policy. This includes e-mail, social media or via phone. If we are unable to contact you, we will proceed with your order entirely as you have specified, from production through to shipping.


Once your order is complete, using the shipping details you have provided us with via PayPal or Stripe, and our website, we will send your parcel. To ensure your parcel is delivered to you, it’s highly important you check all your shipping information is correct. If you've recently moved or you're planning a change of location, remember to update your shipping details, before you complete the order, so your goods are shipped to the right address. PM Leather is not responsible for parcels that are not delivered if we haven't been informed of changes to the shipping address, once the package has been shipped. It is your responsibility to check all your shipping information as replacement orders, exchanges or refunds will not be issued.

​Mail within Australia can take 7-21 days to reach their destinations depending on seasonality. International mail can take 10-72 days to reach their destinations, depending on seasonality. All domestic mail is shipped with tracking, via Australia Post.


Update - 09/11/2020

With Christmas fast approaching, Australia Post is aware of the impact Covid-19 continues to have on its services and has released lodgement dates for all items wishing to be delivered before 25 Dec, 2020. We get busy this time of year, so in order to meet the lodgement deadlines, please consider and plan your gift purchases. Please click here for more information about Australia Post's domestic and international delivery services this Christmas.

International Parcels Recommended Lodgement Dates:

  • USA, Canada, UK, Europe: Monday 16 November 2020

  • Most of Asia: Monday 23 November 2020

  • New Zealand: Friday 27 November 2020.

Domestic Parcels Recommended Lodgement Dates:

Send Parcel Post by Saturday 12 December 2020.

Send Express Post by Saturday 19 December 2020.

Update - 24/11/20

There have been updates to Australia Posts parcel postage services. All domestic and international parcels will be sent as standard tracked mail, at no cost to the customer. Express post services are optional, and incur an extra cost of AU$20.00 for international parcels, and AU$15.00 for domestic parcels. Express Post is not available in some areas of Europe. In the event Express Post is purchased, but unavailable to the destination, a full refund of the express post purchase amount will be made to you via the original payment method.

Due to the increased impact of Covid-19 on postal workers and services across the world, there are delays expected in parcel transit times. Please click here for updates on Australia Post's domestic and international delivery services.

Attention EU & UK Customers!
Parcels may be delayed by Customs officers and incur a duty + administration fee. This can cause your parcel to be delayed by approx. a week or so. Unfortunately this is beyond our control. We are not notified when this happens - the intended recipient receives a message in the mail from the Customs Department.


​PM Leather will take reasonable steps to ensure that your parcel reaches you. This includes providing you with a tracking number for your purchase, and monitoring your parcels' transit. In the event parcels are delayed, we will seek to work with you, Australia Post, and your national postal service, in locating your parcel. We will use the personal information you provided us with to communicate with you, in accordance with our Privacy Policy.  Please be patient during this process.


We are always available to help you with any questions you might have before, during a after purchase, this includes care instructions for your PM Leather gear. Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us via email, social media or phone if you have any questions. We have answers.


Once your purchase is finalized and your packed delivered, any information you have provided us with will be stored in accordance with our Privacy Policy.


Becoming a member of the online PM Leather community,hosted by pmleather.com is available to anyone. It's free to join. All interactions as a PM Leather site member are governed by Wix terms of service, and PM Leather terms of service. Upon becoming a member of pmleather.com you agree to read all terms and conditions of such membership. If you wish to join any of the groups within the online community, you will need to complete your individual PM Leather membership profile in full. Any information you provide us with will be used in line with our Privacy Policy.


Upon  joining any PM Leather community group, you agree to read all group rules, leaving the specified comment in the pinned post of any group you join. Any breach of Wix or PM Leather terms of service, or any breach of the group rules, may result in removal from the group, and your membership revoked without notice.


PM Leather branded apparel is available through the external, host site Tee Public. Any images/information you see on pmleather.com about PM Leather branded apparel can be directly accessed on Tee Public.  Should you wish to purchase PM Leather branded Apparel, you will be redirected from pmleather.com to teepublic.com. Any services used, and items purchased through the Tee Public website are in no way affiliated with PM Leather and the services PM Leather provides. Should you have any questions/concerns about any items/services available through Tee Public, please direct your queries to Tee Public. For more information about Tee Public's terms of service, please visit https://www.teepublic.com/terms. PM Leather is not responsible for any purchases made from Tee Public.


PM Leather is not responsible for any damages caused to clothing as a result of misuse of any product purchased from pmleather.com, or at public events. PM Leather is not responsible for any physical harm, injury or otherwise, caused as a result of negligent, uneducated or careless use of any product purchased from pmleather.com, or public events.

Any changes to this policy will be updated on this page. Please check back frequently to see if there have been any updates or changes to our Terms & Conditions of Sale & Service. If needed we will inform you via email, and social media posts if there is a significant change or issue that will affect you.