Leathercare - Dubbin

Leathercare - 45g Dubbin


To waterproof, soften and preserve your PM Leather hobble belts, you may care to get a 45 gram tub of leathercare. Contains natural waxes.

It cleans, nourishes and seals all leather. It's ideal for hard wearing leather.

  • Application & use.

    Do not use on suede or sensitive leathers. Store in a dry, cool environment. Apply sparingly to clean leather using a dry cloth. Leave it until it is dry. Buff off any excess with a soft cloth.
    Made in England.

Due to the increased impact of COVID19 on postal workers and services across the world, there are significant delays in parcel transit times. Please click here for updates on Australia Post's domestic and international delivery services. For peace of mind, PM Leather will be mailing international items as both tracked & express parcels. (18/04/20)

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