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PM Leather - My Dream Job

February 18, 2017

   Years ago, when I started PM Leather, it was simply a fun outlet for a little kinky creative energy. I was able to utilise the skills I had picked up over time, I was able to sell my belts online and at some fun markets like Worn Wild & The Fetish Expo, and meet some lovely kinky people.

   As the years went on, and the popularity of PM Leather grew, the designs got refined and my work improved. The brand grew more recognised around Australia and around the world, and Fetish Expo became and even more significant event for me. Each year more & more people decorated their hips and the wrists of their lovers with my belts.


   A couple of years ago, the wonderful Dani entered my life and she was able to bring 15 years of retail experience to the fore and was able to elevate PM Leather into something even better than it had been. Customer service and production became smoother and faster, and when she came along to Fetish Expos, belts flew off the tables and we routinely sold out hours before the end, no matter how many belts we brought!



   Late last year, I made the decision to leave my vanilla work life after 20 years as a nurse, and we took PM Leather full time. Within days we attended the next Expo, and within days of that, a Facebook post went viral that nearly 2 million people saw, and it brought thousands more people to our little kinky family here. Sales hit the targets I needed to make a living instantly, and it felt like the universe truly wanted me to make you all hobble belts for a living. And most wonderful of all, I get to do what I love, day in, day out, and I am so goddamn happy.

   It's been five months now, and I would never have guessed that it could be done.

   My daily life consists of the smell of leather, steel, copper, espresso and incense, the sounds of hip hop and podcasts, and the knowledge that I am making lovers happy all across the world. I get to play on social media entertaining and educating thousands of fans, talk to the most wonderful Suicide Girls & Ladies of Metal and get them belts, and hustle hustle hustle. We get to build relationships with wholesalers, bloggers, models, artisans, and customers. Dani gets to see me flourishing and happy, and we get to deepen our roots into the kink community, not just locally but globally.


   So thank you everyone - thank you for letting me fit you out in the worlds best, rugged, discreet, kinky bondage belts, and thank you for helping me be happy. 





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