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Personalise your hobble belt by simply selecting one of the cute little prints from the drop down menu. You'll find a variety of designs to choose from that'll add to the uniqueness of your belt. Each print is stamped into the leather in one of 2 positions on the strap - 1. Near the rivet. 3. At the tip of the strap, before the first hole. 


Note: Stamps cannot be placed on the inside of the belt.


    Caring for your PM Leather gear is incredibly easy. Before shipping, we've already given your order a good coat of Neutral Dubbin, (a natural beeswax), to nourish and protect your leather during transit. You can continue to extend the life of your most precious leather accessory by renewing the coat of dubbin every few months or so. Need some Dubbin? We've got you covered. Simply click here and add it to your cart.


    For more information on caring for your PM Leather gear, check this out!

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