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Lil' Rustic Collar


This beautiful, petite collar is made with a 4/5" (19mm) wide, chocolate-brown, leather strap. Just like its big bro belt, the Lil' Rustic Collar is fitted with stainless steel furnishings, also including a D-ring. It's held together with strong copper binder rivets so you can play by day, or by night, with this cute addition to your play kit. 


    Each Lil' Rustic Collar is made with a 3/4" sumptuous, chocolate leather strap, stainless steel buckles, d-rings, and rings, and held together with 6 copper binder rivets.


    To ensure you order the right size collar, measure the circumference around your neck, exactly where your collar will sit, using a soft tape measure. Then select your size in inches. 


    No soft tape measure? No worries! Follow the same procedure above, only instead of a tape measure, use a piece of string. Then simply measure the length of string. Too easy!


    All product orders are queued based on order date and take 3-7 days to produce, depending on seasonality and demand.


    All products are sent via standard air mail, (unless an alternative option is chosen), and take approximately 10-14 days to reach their international destinations once shipped.


    Australian orders take 2-4 days to reach their destination once shipped.


    Standard airmail shipping is free, worldwide.