JUDAS: Black Hobble Belt With Aluminium Rivets (1.5" Wide)

Judas Hobble Belt 1.5" (38mm) wide.


The Judas, so named for its twelve silvery rivets, is the most popular belt in the PM Leather range. It's made from 1.5" wide, strong, thick black leather and, while remaining discreet, this is a durable, kinky bondage restraint that sits unsuspectingly around your hips until it's time to get frisky. Judas is made with solid stainless steel furnishings, and strong aluminium binder rivets. Superior quality construction renders the Judas virtually unbreakable. Tried and tested, our Judas is no traitor and will serve you loyally for years to come.


If you'd like to make your hobble belt uniquely yours, why not personalise it with a name or a symbol?

  • Product Information

    Every Judas hobble belt is made with a strap of saddlery-grade thick, black, luscious cowhide, solid stainless steel squares, buckles and keepers, and 12 aluminium 2-part rivets.

  • Getting The Right Fit

    To ensure you order the right size belt, measure the circumference around exactly where your belt will sit, using a soft tape measure, and select your size in inches. For example, if you wear your belt on your hips, and your hips are 40" around, select a size 40" belt. If you wear your belt around your waist, and your waist is 30" around, buy a size 30".


    You can also measure your favourite belt from the far end of the buckle, to the best fitting hole. IGNORE the remainder after the best fitting hole.


    Don't be too trusting of clothing brands as their labelling and sizing is often incorrect. Please measure to be sure.

  • Shipping

    All belt orders are queued based on order date and take 3-7 days to produce, depending on seasonality and demand.


    All products are sent via standard air mail, (unless an alternative option is chosen), and take approximately 10-14 days to reach their international destinations once shipped.


    Australian orders take 2-4 days to reach their destination once shipped.


    Standard airmail shipping is free, worldwide.

Due to the increased impact of COVID19 on postal workers and services across the world, there are significant delays in parcel transit times. Please click here for updates on Australia Post's domestic and international delivery services. For peace of mind, PM Leather will be mailing international items as both tracked & express parcels. (18/04/20)

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