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The Business of Leather


Had anyone told me 10 years ago that I'd be a leather worker running my own business making leather fashion accessories and bondage gear, I would've rolled my eyes and chuckled, thinking 'Yeh. Good one.'

But here we are. ☺️

PM Leather has been around for a LONG time. 20 years IS a long time. It started as a little hobby sideshow for Pete (founder & now co-owner) way back in 1999, and has gone on to find its place within the local and global business communities.

When Pete decided he wanted to follow his heart and pursue PM Leather as a full-time gig, I fully backed him. I considered the values, the brand, and the product, (which was only 2 or 3 pieces 5 years ago), and it was an easy decision. A belt that holds up your pants AND doubles as a piece of bondage equipment - BRILLIANT!

At the time, I was working as a retail manager in kids clothing and positively hated it. Hate is a strong word, I know, but the company over promised and under delivered, and didn't live the values and ethics it constantly preached.

In 2014 I offered to help Pete run the PM Leather stall at Oz Kinkfest's Fetish Expo. He made 10 belts. We sold out. In 2015, I offered again to help on the condition that he double his stock levels. He did and we sold out. In 2016, I asked the same and again, we sold out. That year, people continued to buy hobble belts after we'd sold out, so we spent the following day making them, and then road tripping from one side of Melbourne to the other delivering them all. ☺️

A week after the 2016 Fetish Expo, one of our Facebook posts went viral, and things went nuts in the best way possible. It was a sign from the universe that we were on the right track, and we sank our teeth right into it.

Pete taught me how to make hobble belts. As he refined his leather working skills, so did I. And I positively loved it.

In 2017, I decided I'd had enough of being underappreciated as a retail manager, so I decided to help Pete manage a growing PM Leather on a more regular basis, while working undoggly hours at a local adult store. The stories I can tell you about working in the adult retail industry - Ooooof! Ask me sometime. You won't regret it.

In 2019, Pete decided to hand over the reins of PM Leather. Was I ready? Yes. We'd expanded our product range significantly, with the addition of different belt styles and colours, and we'd also introduced collars and leashes. I was using every retail management skill I'd acquired over the past 18 years to run PM Leather and because I didn't have regional, state or national managers breathing down my neck, I flourished. I continue to flourish. Long time followers and fans of PM Leather need only look at the website today to see how far we've come. It's something both Pete and I are incredibly proud of.

If you've bought any PM Leather gear online over the past 18 months, it's been my absolute pleasure making it for you. Every strap tipped, every hole punched, every hammered rivet - it's been a pleasure. Thanks so much for trusting me to make your gear, and for continuing to support me in doing so. I'm so bloody grateful.

Let me wrap up by thanking you for taking the time to read the first of many blogs I write, or video. I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any questions about PM Leather or the gear we sell, please don't hesitate to get in touch -

Catch ya next time,


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